This title was reviewed on iOS, but is also available on Android.

Sounds Stupid is an IOS party game developed by Good Catch Games. Be prepared to make noises that will, well.. make you sound stupid of course! This will definitively be a test of your creativity and realism skills. It’s essentially charades but with noises only. Get your friends together, because you’re in for some laughs!


You will only need one mobile device with the game installed. First you will select your game mode, which can be a Quickies game, Animal Magic, or That’s so Random to name a few of the basic options. You can pick an easy game mode (which is great when you first play), or a hard game mode when you’ve had a few rounds under your belt.

All of the players will take a photo of them self to begin the round! The game will randomly choose the guesser who must hold the phone to their forehead allowing the rest of the group to see the screen. The game will then randomly choose the sound maker, who is presented with the sound they have to make. To make this difficult, the sound maker is not allowed to use words, and hand movements are also a no-go. The guesser then has a time limit to guess the sound. Get it right and you can tilt the phone to recognise a correct guess, otherwise the timer will run out. The game will then choose a new sound maker and so on until the round finishes, and someone else becomes the guesser. In the end, the most points from correct guesses wins!


I had heaps of fun playing this with friends, as it was down right hilarious and ridiculous at times. Some of the rounds have the most absurd noises that you must attempt to create, so good luck getting these right when you can’t stop laughing! It was unfortunate that after multiple rounds, the same sounds did start to reappear. Luckily, you can buy more packs from the game to broaden the diversity of the game and keep it fresh. For example, if you’re feeling extra confident or want to see who the prudes are, there is a NSFW pack available for purchase. These extra packs also go on sale frequently which is a great way to add more value. I would recommend this game to anyone wanting a fun game to play with family or friends!



  • Fun party game
  • Simple to play
  • Hilarious


  • Eventually the sounds repeat

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