Spin to Win in Multiplayer Battles, Now Available in Spin Rhythm XD

Early Access doesn’t mean feature-sparse, as Spin Rhythm XD proves by slamming a new, multiplayer mode onto the current version!

Turn the world into a house party with SpinFM, an always-online competitive mode. Scratch and spin along with a live radio to compete with the best players in the world. Work together to contribute points to ever-increasing high scores. While there’s no fail state, dropping streaks and multipliers means a lower score. Spam six emojis at other players to encourage (or discourage!) them.

Spin Rhythm XD is built for replayability, and Super Spin Digital plans to continue to add tracks, features, and push the rhythm genre into the future, starting with a bumper five new tracks added in this recent update. “SpinFM’s communal feel and score-chasing highs are just a taste of how we want to keep Spin Rhythm feeling fresh throughout Steam Early Access,” said Dave Curro, co-founder of Super Spin Digital. “We’re keen to see our community ascend the ranks on the new global leaderboards of each song.”
Spin Rhythm XD available now on Steam Early Access, with a Nintendo Switch version will be available in 2020. For more information, visit the official website, Twitter and Discord. Give it a whirl!