This title was reviewed on PS4, but is also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. 

Spintires: Mudrunner goes out with a bang, releasing its final DLC pack before moving on to greater things (Spintires 2 maybe?). American Wilds DLC adds an American flair to the up-to-now Russian flavored title, but then again it was only a matter of time, you can’t have a game about trucks without ‘Murica.

American Wilds adds nine new vehicles from iconic makes like Ford and Chevrolet, as well as 2 maps based on the not-so-iconic states of Montana and North Dakota, and also 2 new challenge maps.

Though more content on a great game is never a bad thing (Check out our review on Spintires: Mudrunner), I have to say that American Wilds disappointed me a bit. Spintires has always been a game about humongous, alien looking trucks, carrying lumber through difficult terrain. You’d think the Americans would have no shortage of big trucks but as far as the roster of vehicles is concerned, the new vehicles are not really useful. Sure the smaller 4x4s are fun and much better at scouting than the Russian options but they’re still just scouts. The  heavy farm equipment is definitely more than up to the task of tackling the terrain but can only carry medium loads over shorter distances. For me, the game has always been about the big trucks. I consider being “good” at the game, if you can even judge that sort of thing, to be able to carry a large load to the objective with no mishaps and no need for support, and well, that’s where the DLC falls flat. Three iconic big rigs have been introduced like the Chevy Bison or the Ford LTL9000 but, they kinda suck.

The game warns you that they’re not suitable for off roading, and at first you think “well yeah obviously, but I’ll just slap on off road tires and make it work” except you can’t, and even if you decide you don’t need no off road tires you’ll reconsider the moment you get stuck on the first patch of mud you encounter, two meters out from the starting point. Much like their real life counterparts those vehicles lack off road capabilities, which is cool for realism but Spintires, unlike what some of their marketing may claim, though realistic in its physics is definitely not a sim, it’s an arcade game. I believe they should have made the vehicles off road capable which would be actually fun, instead of just putting them into the game for that American flair when they’re actually useless. “This vehicle is not suitable for off roading” Yeah ok, thanks game, I kinda noticed. Did you notice there’s no roads?

He’s not actually going anywhere he’s stuck

At least the maps are good additions, they are visually distinct from the older maps though they’re still frozen, muddy tundras, that’s really the only kind of place this game makes sense in.

If you’re a fan of the game and you want more, you should get this DLC, however for me it didn’t really open up any new possibilities, it just gave me a bunch of vehicles I have no use for. The new maps are still cool though and maybe I’m just a party pooper who doesn’t get the sort of gameplay these new vehicles require.



  • Hefty addition of content to the game


  • New vehicles are not as fun to play with


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