SteelSeries launches the first Four-In-One Wireless Headset

SteelSeries have announced the newest member of the Arctis family, the Arctis 1 Wireless. Featuring the slimmed body of the Arctis 1, it connects via a small USB-C dongle allowing for true lossless and low latency connection for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile, it truly is the ultimate 4-in-1 wireless headset! It doubles as a stylish pair of on-the-go headphones, with a detachable microphone and a sleek low profile design. The Arctis 1 Wireless uses the ClearCast microphone for natural-sounding clarity and noise cancellation.

Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO said, “With the continual growth of console gaming, alongside the emergence of mobile gaming experiences such as game streaming services and Nintendo Switch, gamers’ audio needs have evolved, and that evolution is wireless. Gamers need a truly multiplatform wireless headset that easily transitions between experiences, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered with the Arctis 1 Wireless.”

The headset forgoes the iconic ski goggle suspension headband, instead opting for a lower profile solution optimised for use on the go, while still boasting excellent comfort with the Airweave fabric ear cushions and a steel-enforced headband for durability. There is also the added flexibility of a 3.5mm cable that can be easily plugged into other devices such as Xbox controllers and any other device with a 3.5mm connection.

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