This title was is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and was reviewed as such. 

The greatest aspect of a Nintendo Switch is being able to chill out with the handheld where ever you like. And what better way to chill out than by watching a bit of basketball. Wait, what? You want me to play the basketball? Well this just went from relaxing to GAME ON!! Street Basketball is a basketball game from publisher Baltoro Games. I’m not usually one to play sports games, so let’s see how it checks out below!


There’s not a lot of story to the game as it just gets straight into the gameplay. You will play through tournaments to see if you can come out as top dog!


Street Basketball simplifies the sport for the Switch by making your matches one on one with a shorter field where your move set is forwards and back, right and left. You can also shoot and slam dunk. You can choose a character and edit them at any point in time to choose their look.

There are three main modes in Street Basketball, the first being League Mode in which you will face increasingly more difficult AI players to make your way through the leader boards. It is the first person to get to the certain number of points who will win each match. The second mode is Challenges. Here you will complete specified challenges ranging from getting a specific score within the time limit, through to being required to score three 3-pointers. The last mode is 1-on-1 local multiplayer mode, so get ready to show up your mates!

As you complete matches and challenges you will earn experience points, which in turn allows you to receive a skill point once reaching a certain amount of experience points for each level. These skills points can be used on different attributes for your character, such as accuracy, stamina, speed, and jumping. Another way to accumulate skill points quite quickly is that as you progress through the game there are accomplishments to do, which when completed you can claim giving you a large amount of experience points.

I found this game was good when played in short bursts as it tends to get a bit repetitive, and there’s not a hell of a lot of content.

Sound and Graphics

The sound captures the atmosphere of street basketball, and this is actually quite a cool feature. The graphics are rather interesting, with the characters reminding me of bobble heads with their overly large heads. Your characters also have hands but no arms which is rather unique! It has a cool colourful cartoon style and a good level of detail.


Street Basketball was enjoyable for short stints of time, as the gameplay did get a bit boring due to the repetitive nature and lack of content. In terms of the graphics style and sound I was quite impressed with the level of detail and atmosphere. The game’s mechanics for the running and shooting is very simple which makes the game an easy to pick up title. I would recommend this game if you want something to casually play every so often!



  • Cool Graphics
  • Simple Controls
  • Local Co-Op


  • Gets a bit boring
  • Not alot of content

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