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When I started this review, I thought it was going to be hard to write. Not because the game is difficult or I find the subject matter to be particularly upsetting, but because any time someone writes about a game like Super Seducer 2, there seems no way to win. If you like it, you’re a misogynist, and if you dislike it, you’re a SJW. So it may come as a surprise to everyone that I felt about the game the exact same thing I feel about every game that I play and review. Some of it was fine, other bits weren’t to my liking. The horror.

Right. To work!


Super Seducer 2 is the second in the dating sim series by the somewhat notorious Richard La Ruina (a pick-up artist, probably from England). The big change between the first and second game is the advertised ‘diversity.’ And developer RLR Training Inc has made a big deal out of this. Featuring not just scenarios from a woman’s perspective (le gasp!… leave me to my snark), Super Seducer 2 also includes cultural taboo breaking that you can only wish you’d thought of (a Chinese man asking a Caucasian lady out). Lucky us. This installment also includes Charlotte Jones, who is adding a woman’s voice to the coaching usually reserved for our lord and savior, Richard La Ruina.

It’s how they get you!

Each scenario in this game works in the same way. There’s a story with potentially good, meh and bad endings. It’s essentially a choose your own terrible dating adventure with commentary. At certain points, you’ll have to pick how the protagonist behaves or what they say and watch it all play out in glorious FMV.

The choices range from super obvious to ‘I wouldn’t have a clue, even if I had been dating in the past 10 years’. If you pick a ‘bad’ option though, you go to the red room, where Richard and Charlotte tell you why you’re an idiot. If you pick a ‘good’ option, you go to the nice room with pretty people where they tell you why it’s good, or what would have been even better. The biggest problem with the options is that they’re really inconsistent. The quality of the options ranges hugely, from well thought out to something that never made it to an editor. It’s always the downfall of these games that you can never really tell from the offerings on your screen what will happen. Quite a few times I picked what seemed like a perfectly fine thing to do, such as ‘do a super dance’, only to have my protagonist strut about the bar like a dick. At least when you pick a super bad option, you get to pick something else again without having to start over. To a point. Pick enough baddies and you get to start the level again.

Are we all the baddies?

I went through the first 3 scenarios in a preview (which you can read here) and I won’t be going through them again, my heart couldn’t take it. The impressions there still hold. We’re just expanding on these a bit more.

As you go through the remaining scenarios, and I mean all of them, the common thread binding them all together is that Richard La Ruina is “great”. Not just as a dating coach, but as a human being. He owns a thriving pharmaceutical company and is a popular YouTuber with many moneys. So if you, like him, have those things behind you, you may find similar success in these situations. Again, these games are advertised as being able to help you in real life. I promise you though that, while some of the advice is universal, some of it relies on you being able to dive into a swimming pool full of gold coins and having a job that nerds throughout the world would swoon over.

You’ll also find that Richard La Ruina really knows how to hold a grudge. I found bits dedicated both to Jim Sterling (who I gather was not super seduced by the first game), and ProJared (who also presumably had it coming?).

ProJared definitely has it coming.

So, to recap: Richard La Ruina = Great, YouTubers who dislike his game = The Worst Enemy. More than anything this just got a bit repetitive. Super Seducer 2 is obviously about La Ruina himself, so he’s put a bunch of himself into it. But again, if you’re aiming something at the general populace, maybe give them something they can work with. Not everyone has a huge drug company to fall back on and very few people care about some grudges with online personalities. While a part of me is certainly impressed by the level of commitment to the grudges (I nurse a good grudge the way other people nurse a good wine), at some point, it’s probably enough. Probably.

In my first impressions, I talked about the Secretary and Boss scenario being the most awkward to play through. We’ve topped it though, oh boy have we topped it. The older man/younger woman scenario might be one of the most cringy things I’ve ever had to play through. It wasn’t that this situation is a bad one to be in, these things do ‘appen – it’s that the older man is played extremely creepily by a friend of Richard’s, Mahmoud. They know it’s bad too. Richard and Charlotte both point out that older men shouldn’t be looking for young women on Tinder. SO WHY DID THEY PUT US THROUGH THIS? The stare that Mahmoud gives the young woman in this scenario is horrendous. It’s very close to being halloween level terrifying. There’s no way he’s not thinking of ways to wear her skin (please see the evidence below). Even more, this entire scenario only exists if you’re a very rich older man with access to the highest of societies. Even if by chance that happens to be you, don’t look at women like this… It’s scary.

Please don’t steal my skin.

There are a few more scenarios that are much like the first couple. How to pick up women in a strip club (don’t, unless again, you’re massively rich and can pull that little tidbit out and back it up), or separate a feminist from a group of protective male friends. Alright, so the feminist part was a bit weird, but I think that they were using that to coach people into understanding that it doesn’t in fact mean that you’re an alpha bitch who hates men. The lesson at the end of this scenario is that everyone should be a feminist because it’s about equal opportunity. Having said that. the acting bit around this was ridiculous. The woman honestly out of absolutely nowhere says ‘Don’t overdo it! Because I’m a feminist!’ WHAT? WHY? WHERE? HOW? but the end advice was good.

Let’s get to the woman’s perspective levels though. Instead of the main men of before, we have Louise in either ‘Girl looking for a one Night Stand’ or ‘Girl looking for a serious relationship’.

The actress is just as over the top as Richard, so she fits the scenarios quite well. She’s probably even English. The first one, One Night Stand, was my least favourite out of the two. It just didn’t get any of the detail that the male scenarios had gotten to this point. A lot of the options to choose were pretty meh, and many of the coaching bits were legitimately just ‘Yeah, that’s the right choice’. I wanted to know why. Why was it the right choice? Imagine you’re in a bar and an over the top Englishman walks up to you and starts a conversation. What’s the right move? Do you A: start talking in a fake, poncey English accent, the likes only found when American’s play English people in films? Or do you… actually, the other choice doesn’t matter. ‘A’ should not have been the right choice. It didn’t seem like the right choice. I thought I was picking a joke option. I was not.

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill. Or a joke.

The second scenario picked up again though and Richard and Charlotte had a bit more to say. For an initial introduction to these sims, it wasn’t bad. More scenarios would have been cool, maybe outside of the one night stand vs long term thing. But I get that this is actually what a fair amount of people want help with, so going for the most bang for your buck, if you will, isn’t a bad idea.

The only part that really disappointed me was that this didn’t turn out to be Charlotte’s time to shine. I mentioned in my first impressions piece that Charlotte would just agree with Richard or not say much, and I was hoping that during these levels she’d really take the lead. After all, she is here to offer us a woman’s perspective, what better place to pull out her knowledge than in the women led scenarios? But her level of input and agreement stayed pretty much the same all the way through. There’s no way, no way, that Charlotte agreed that much with Richard. No two human beings are that in sync. Every so often you would see a look on her face that just screamed of classic, comedy dialogue. But she always seemed to hold her tongue (or she got edited out).

More Charlotte for pls.

When it comes to the gameplay, my computer struggled with the FMV and I had to deal with laggy video. Even though my PC is generally well above recommended specs, my CPU is a 2nd generation core i5, while the specs called for a 4th generation core i3. It’s still playable like this, but if you start skipping parts of the scenarios, be prepared for a potential game break. There are 11 chapters all up (the 11th, I will note, is not in English – it’s simply called ‘The bonus Chinese level’), and all up Super Seducer 2 took about 7 hours to play through. There’s more room to explore all the options if you’re a completionist.

There were moments of WHAT THE HELL? (These are those moments where you’re sitting quietly at your computer, minding your own business and scare the living crap out of anyone in a 1km radius with a well timed, and above all, loud enough to shake the walls, expletive.) And some genuinely good advice for people, not just to help with dating, but to help you get along with anyone. Which again is my biggest frustration with this game. There is good advice there, all packaged in a box with plenty of dents, rips and ‘sorry, we had to tape over this bit we broke’ stickers. This game could potentially help people who have trouble reading social situations on how to behave and make friends (if nothing else). There are great bits like how a woman touching her hair doesn’t necessarily mean a universal call to mate, it can just be a woman touching her hair. Be nice to staff at establishments, it’s not just a nice thing to do, but they can help you if things get a bit out of hand. Don’t be a dick. Don’t be afraid, a no isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a no. Respect the no and move on. Sometimes people are in clubs to meet other people, sometimes they’re just there to be with their friends. Find the people who are out there for the same purpose as you, and leave the others to their fun. Treat everyone like human beings (at least to start off with, let’s not go too far), no matter who they are.

You learn something new every day.

However, some of the scenarios just didn’t have a place in here and I really wanted Charlotte to provide more coaching from her point of view. Or to have one disagreement with Richard, just for the sake of variety. Ah well, we’ll see what happens with the next one. Maybe we’ll get even more diverse and have an ugly person! What? No? Look, it was just a suggestion. Super Seducer 3 has already been announced anyway (in the game itself, in the actual menu, before Super Seducer 2 had even come out) and it’s something about being open world… let’s try not to think about that one too much.


At one point when the boyfriend looked over to watch me play this game, he erupted in a belly laugh so loud and uncontrollable, it shook our computer room. He then congratulated the game on excellent use of physical comedy, and walked out.



  • Richard La Ruina
  • Some good advice
  • Some good advice


  • Richard La Ruina
  • Charlotte not utilised fully
  • A few scenarios that simply shouldn’t exist


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