Super Seducer goes boldly where no man has gone before

In a world where not only are we lucky enough to be given games where women are people, apparently we’re also now going to try and overcome societal boundaries in cross-cultural dating. Yay us.

Super Seducer 2, the upcoming dating-sim by Richard La Ruina, has just announced that it will also include the “taboo” subject of dating and relationships when you’re not of the same culture, nationality or ethnicity. In an attempt to be more inclusive than the first game (check out our original review here), the minds behind Super Seducer 2 have announced that they’ll be covering the insensitivity, bigotry or innocent naivety in cross-cultural dating.

We’ve recently conducted an interview with Richard La Ruina on the portrayal of women in video games and you can read that here as well.

Super Seducer 2 will release on Steam on the 12th September.

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