Take the crown: Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is out now

Thousands of loyal Townsmen are living a happy life. They have enough food, enough drink, they are well entertained, and have access to multiple goods and services. They are safe from illnesses and fire, and they don’t have to worry about bandits as the brave soldiers of the guard are watching over them. Their city is huge and vibrant, rich and mighty. All because of your great rule…

Or will the city have a different fate? It’s all in your hands with Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt, out now on PC.

This improved and remastered version from the iconic Townsmen series comes with a long list of features: 24 maps for the sandbox mode stand next to 26 scenarios, so it’s up to you if you pick your own tale and turn a barren pile of grass into a gigantic city or face a predefined challenge. A new, six-mission-long tutorial will make your first steps as a ruler as smooth as fine silk from the tailor’s shop. Research over 70 technologies and construct more than 150 buildings and objects.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is available now on PC for 19,99 € / 19,99 $ / 16,99 £, but the game will be added free of charge to all existing owners of the original 2016’s Townsmen. Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is developed and published by HandyGames, a THQ Nordic company.

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