Teamwork makes the Dream Work in Hearthstones New Tavern Brawl Mode


Since the addition of Tavern Brawl into the popular single player online card game Hearthstone, they have constantly broken the walls of what was thought to be possible. But this time they are completely demolishing the wall and then proceeding to pillage the wall’s family with the new co-op brawl challenge.

Titled Unite Against Mechazod, a fitting name as you will be teaming up with the opposition to destroy a giant robot on their side…? Wait what?

To explain it better, it won’t be on your opponent’s side it will actually be on both sides. The goal is to work together to kill Mechazod and his arsenal of robot helpers as it from side to side each turn. Though you may think a simple shadow word: pain will clear it up, both of you will be piloting pre-built decks. Further data mining found that Mechazod’s helpers will be cards such as Bomb Salvo; A zero cost spell that deals Attack damage to up to 3 random targets. Another is Overlock; Gain +2 Attack. So yeah,  not going to be a 2-Attack minion for long. This has us all at T.I.G intrigued so stay tuned for further blizzards plans. I almost forgot to mention that if either of you die it’s all over, so don’t try anything cheeky. Win or lose you will be walking out with a free pack.

Have fun and remember always go face.

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