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These products were reviewed using the Apple iPhone XS Max.

Phone protection is something in my life that often gets overlooked. I figure, if you really like your new shiny phone, you’re going to look after it. However on many occasions, and as careful as I may be, I’m rather glad I have a wife that forces me to use protection for my phone.

Protection Packaging


Let’s start off basic. A must have for any phone. Even if you’re not chucking your keys in the same pocket as your phone, eventually you’re going to find those wee marks have made their way onto your new device. In my case, I roughed it nude for a little bit too long and have a few mystery scratches after a night out. Oops. Picking the perfect screen protector can be a little overwhelming, it’s not always better to grab a glass one and not all plastic ones are made equal. You need to look at the features and make your choice based on your individual use case.

For me, glass tends to be a little thick for my liking and compatibility with other accessories I use could be hampered. I had one for a while and the grip on my DJI Osmo managed to lift the corners enough that dust got all in there in the side. Yuck.

ImpactShield Accessories

·         Triple layered flexible screen protector

·         BulletShield Layer

·         Self-Healing finish

·         Clear and responsive, doesn’t impact functionality

·         Perfect alignment with included tool

·         Lifetime warranty*

Warranty information can be found here

The three layers all serve a specific function, the top being a highly durable, self-healing material that acts to spread impact force and keep the display scratch free. Middle being the BulletShield which is a high-performing impact material that’s unique to tech21. Absorbs larger impacts time after time. On the bottom is a softer layer designed to absorb any remaining force and keep your device in it’s warm little embrace.


Though lacking in actual instructions which is a shame. If you’ve ever applied a screen protector before you’ve got a good starting point, if not, well it’s still reasonably self explanatory.

Screen applicator
Look! No bubbles! I’m proud of myself

First step should always be to find a nice dust free environment, you’re fighting a losing battle if you try to do this around animals that molt or a workshop. tech21 include in their package a wet wipe with some sort of alcohol mixture to get rid of any smudges and finger grease you may have and a really nice quality cloth to keep that dust away. Peel back the adhesive back and let the applicator tool do the heavy lifting.

The included applicator tool is a god send if you actually want to put the damn thing on straight. Too often when applying protectors you can be so focused on making sure there’s no bubbles and by the end you realise it’s wonky. It’s designed to fit over each phone model at the bottom and have the screen protector knock up nicely inside it.



I’m not typically one for the folio style cases but this one surprised me with some nice added features, and has maybe won me over just enough. I’m a sucker for functionality over style, though I just don’t like my devices too thick.


Key Features
·         3.6m/12ft Drop Protection

·         Secure storage for cards

·         Magnetic  Closure

·         FlexShock impact resistant material

·         Tested to work with wireless connectivity


This is actually a really high quality case. The faux leather exterior seems to be reasonably durable, and hasn’t picked off or scuffed up over the last month it’s been in use. The phone cut outs are really well spaced even with support for my magnetic lightning adapter charger, which many cases I’ve used do poorly at. My home front door is one of those smart locks you can open with a phone or code, so now with my cards in my phone I can truly leave with next to nothing. Though I guess if I lose my phone I’m truly screwed.

EVOWallet Back
Back of the EVOWallet profile

I was very thankful for the volume rocker outlines on the faux leather side, and ear piece cutout. A lot of other folio style cases I’ve had tend to neglect this area and it’s another thing to open the case for.

The main draw back with this is photography. As someone who uses my phone camera a lot, this could be something to get used to or an outright deal breaker.

Volume Rockers
Volume rockers are nice and visible through the case



If you are in the market for a case, I would suggest checking out tech21‘s range, there’s bound to be something to suit your needs and preferences. I personally like the look of the Luxe range for some added textures in your life. But all in all the folio style EVOWallet is a really strong performer and if you’re after something that offers great protection and added functionality then this is definitely worth a look.

While you’re there also pick up one of the screen protectors, they do also offer a tempered glass alternative but I actually do prefer the self-healing plastic ImpactShield. With what is definitively the best application tool I’ve ever used, you really can’t mess it up.



  • Self-Healing Protection is a great idea!
  • Top notch impact resistence on both
  • Case cutouts handy and well placed
  • No impact on connectivity


  • Unclear instructions on the screen protector
  • Case is too thick for some accessories
  • Would love to see additional material options for the case

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