Tekken 7 Patch v1.02 Released

I have been jamming Tekken 7 hard and am happy to hear the news of the first patch for Tekken 7. Patch version 1.02 is being released today and will fix and help with a few things, namely:

Improved Online Functionality:

  1. This player information will no longer be displayed before a match:
    • Character
    • Wins
    • Rank
    • Title
  2.  Connections and challenges with other players can be done more frequently
  3. Improved Online Stability
  4. ‘Matchlist’ is cautiously being removed to improve matchmaking
  5. An addition of an on/off switch for voice chat, the default will be off and can be changed in the ‘OPTIONS’ menu.

Including the improvements to online play, another universal change has been made, that is a property correction to Nina’s Ivory Cutter attack.

For more information, go to the official Tekken site, here. Or if you are new to the game, watch a trailer below:

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