Like most French words, Terroir doesn’t translate well in a literal sense. It’s a lot more nuanced than just soil or earth. Terroir (Pronounced ter’war), encompasses the climate, soil type, elevation, proximity to other plants and so many other characteristics in a wine.

Terroir brings to life a low poly tycoon rendition of any wine lovers’ dream of owning and tending to your very own estate.  I owe General Interactive Co. a debt of gratitude for finally bringing to market a game to get my wife interested in a form of gaming other than Candy Crush.

Aaaah, let the wine making commence.

Starting out, this is a really low impact, potato-friendly game. Running on my main rig, 1080ti, 6700K, 32gb ra…. Blah blah, you get it, it ran fine. For a laugh, and so my wife could take it for a spin, I threw it on her craptastic laptop, sporting an integrated AMD Radeon 8330, bottomed out the graphical settings, and it was playable (just), I’d give you values but FRAPS bluescreens it. I’d say that it definitely ticks the “potato proof” box.

Jumping into a new game you’re greeted with a brief overview of the game mechanics, and thankfully a walk through of some guidelines as to what ripeness to seek for your first varietal of wine. If you’re anything like me and your wine knowledge extends to that of knowing it’s socially unacceptable to drink out of a mug outside of a university setting, then you’ll soon find the included digital handbook will be somewhat of a one-way friendship. Some additional information as to create the perfect wine would have been nice, however, that would subtract from the trial and error challenge initially.

Don’t be fooled by this games friendly low poly exterior, underneath lies a complex and often challenging mechanic. You’re soon going to learn the art of vine maintenance and effects of different processing techniques.

Caption: Wine critics are cruel and relentless

What started out as my favourite aspect of the game quickly turned out to be a cruel mistress. The Chance and Circumstance system keeps the game fresh in each instance, I mean you will quickly find yourself running out of missions to complete but it does ensure no one playthrough is like the last. I really do hope this is expanded on with upcoming patches as it’s a great point to the replayability side of things and if let as is things could grow stale. I’d also like to see a user activatable addition to some of the cards so you can choose when to play it.

Welp, there goes my tan this summer

Running with this whole “Things I’d like to See” idea, I’d love to see a real-time reflection of effects from different processing techniques. I know that for pressing every 10% adds 1 to acidity but seeing it reflected in real time on the varietal I’m working with would add a level of polish. Also, very minor, but I’d love it if my field of view didn’t shift as I was trying to name things anytime I wanted to use the WSAD keys.

Simple addition gets hard after a few wines, devs help, please.

All said and done, this was a pretty fun game, and for its $17.99 price tag, it’s actually quite sophisticated. Definitely worth adding to your Steam wishlist if wine and games are your thing. It’s definitely a challenging yet rewarding game that pairs very nicely with a bottle of your choosing.



  • Challenging and fun mechanics
  • Great game for tired machines
  • Gives a new appreciation for wine
  • Broad range of upgradeable worker actions for estate micromanagement


  • More circumstance missions would be appreciated
  • Some polish wouldn't be wasted
  • My wife doesn’t talk to me for long periods of time (This could also be a pro, situations depending)

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