This title was reviewed on PC, but is also available on iOS and Android. 

The Horus Heresy: Legions is a strategy game developed by Everguild Ltd. Set in the far-off future of the 31st millennium, you as a warlord battling his way through a galaxy wide civil war – through the medium of cards.


Visually, this game is decent. It definitely has its own grungy aesthetic going on, and this is evident not only in the card designs, but in the design of the ‘playing field’ as well. The character designs are entirely expected for a game based around war, and despite being set in the 31st millennium it seems that the futuristic military has taken a few steps backwards in terms of gender representation; as far as I have experienced, there’s not a single character who isn’t male in this game. I have to admit, the ability to draw the same dude in armour in so many different ways is bordering on impressive. There was one card (Flagship) that might have been a woman, but looking closely I think it is actually just a less gruff looking man with longer hair. Animation wise, the game is pretty simple, with animation being pretty much limited to the cards moving around as you attack (and sometimes the animated fire strikes of those attacks themselves making a show).


Sound is quite generic across the board in The Horus Heresy: Legion – the music is, again, entirely as expected. War drums overlain with higher strings, combined with subtle, unintelligible chanting bringing to mind a hundred similar ‘preparing for war’ scenes from a hundred different films, games, and TV shows. Voice acting is very hit and miss, even within the same voiced character, delivery swinging wildly from an impassioned speech to a bored, stilted performance seemingly read straight from the page. The sound effects are relatively limited but are simple enough that they do the job well.


This is a fairly typical card strategy game. Different cards have different abilities, which cost a certain amount of energy to use (it also costs energy to place them on the field). Your energy grows by one and refills each turn you have. The aim is to knock out the opposing warlord by attacking them and bringing their health down to zero. Unfortunately, The Horus Heresy: Legions is a mobile game that has been ported to PC, and from what I can tell it hasn’t really been adapted at all for the new platform. It very much still feels like you are playing a mobile game, and it seems like it could very easily become a pay-to-win situation the longer you play, so just keep an eye out for that if you’re going to put some serious hours into this game.


Overall The Horus Heresy: Legions does exactly what I expected it to, and not much more. It’s a basic strategy card game with not a lot to make it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it does better on its original mobile platform, but in a world where Hearthstone and Gwent exist, among many others like them, it’s hard to see why you would pick up this game in a PC context. In saying that, it’s a perfectly serviceable game, and I did occasionally find myself getting sucked in to playing ‘just one more round’. If you’re a fan of strategy games, cards, and futuristic galactic wars that inexplicably only feature men, then this might be right up your ally.



  • Easy to pick up (despite the strangely long and not very informative tutorial)
  • I liked the futuristic but grungy aesthetic that was seen throughout the game design


  • Very hit and miss voice acting that doesn’t really add anything to the game
  • Mobile port to PC, and it feels like it
  • For so many cards, there’s a disappointing lack of variation

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