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Hey guys! Your favourite ginger is back with a new review, and today we’re taking a look at The Legend of Legacy for Nintendo 3DS!

Our story starts on the island of Avalon, a holy land that has been awakened from a long slumber. You play as one of seven characters, each having their own agenda for coming to the island.


Meurs, an Elementalist

Bianca, a girl with amnesia

Liber, a treasure hunter

Garnet, a knight for the church

Owen, a mercenary

Eloise, an alchemist

Filmia, a frog prince

Bianca, Liber, Meurs, Eloise, Owen, Garnet and Filmia

Now, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, so I like that we are presented with many different characters, as it allows the player to have a decent amount of choice when it comes to picking a play style. Whether you’re a mercenary type, or prefer the elemental arts, there’s something for everyone.

I chose to play as Garnet; a knight for the church, who is here to eradicate rumours that gods have returned to the mortal world. As much as I would have chosen her for her dedication to her faith, she generally had the best stats, so there ya go.

You arrive on the island with two other characters at your side (I arrived with Owen and Meurs), and these other characters become part of your party of 3. You can switch them with other characters you meet in the game, buy and swap items, and customize what each character uses/holds during combat.

After a general introductions to your companions and their respective stories, its time to set out and adventure!

Note: I had no idea how to save my game, and as it turns out, you have to get through the first section of the game and make it to Initium to save properly. Though you should be able to quicksave so that  if you die, you won’t have to start the game again.

That’s the King, and guess what, you can ask if he’s single


One major part of this fantasy RPG is exploring. Exploring every inch of an area will allow you to fill in the gaps and complete the map which is shown on the bottom screen. Maps can be sold at the market in Initium, the more complete your maps are, the more you’ll earn from selling them. Be aware that not every destination has just one area. For example, the Hidden Forest has 3 areas you can map and explore, while some destinations have even more.

So we start off in the Hidden Forest; where you encounter many monsters that just hang around. Because of this it is possible to avoid them, but if they see you, they’ll run at you and attack.


Combat sequences are turn based, allowing the player to select moves for each of their 3 characters in their party. One of your characters will suggest Pegasus formation, where two attack and one defends the whole group. Although Owen was my go-to defense, I eventually switched him with Meurs as Owen had a long-sword with heaps of attack points.

Anyway, the enemy will attack first, and due to the fact that the amount/type of enemies varies each encounter, you can strategize depending on what you’re facing at the time.

During battle your characters will gain experience, though I could never see how close my characters were to levelling up (maybe I’m stupid and wasn’t looking properly?)

At any given point during battle, your characters will also level up! Either with Attack (on whichever weapon they’re using at the time) or Defense (with the particular shield they use at the time. They’ll also learn new moves with items they gain more experience with, whether this be swords, shields, bows, or elemental magic.

Liber’s about to deal some slick extra damage

Elementals; Contracts, Whispering and Singing Shards:

Okay, so the other big part of the game is the use of elementals.

At the end of the Hidden Forest, you encounter a sort of boss enemy, and after defeating it, you discover a big rock that sings and makes you hallucinate.

Super fun right?

You all return from your daze and find that a Singing Shard has broken off. This may seem weird at first but after finding it, your group travels to Initium to speak to the King about it.

We find out that the Singing Shards allow you to form contracts with certain elementals present during battle. You first make a contract with the water elements, but you can collect more singing shards and get more support from different elements during battle.

The elements include:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Shadow

The enemies will almost always have a Shadow contract forged, and if you come across enemies such as Spectral Souls, be aware that they can form contracts with other elements as well as shadow. In this case it pays to take care when you form a contract, because they might steal your contract, meaning you have to form a contract all over again. I found the best way to deal with this is to attack them using swords, then once they’re all gone, you can form a contract and attack the other enemies without that constant interference.

The shards will also activate certain stone/wooden devices that are placed across the maps. These can, among other beneficial things, increase the amount of a particular elementals in a small area, so it’ll give you a big boost in battle!

Last but not least on the elemental side of things is Whispering Shards.

Whispering Shards can be found from other singing stones, which usually sing a few lines from what seems o be an ongoing story (see if you can piece it together!). These shards will not grant you the ability to make contracts, you’ll need a Singing Shard first. However, these Whispering Shards will contain elemental moves that can be used in battle. If you ever get the chance to use ‘BladeStorm’, do it, it’s awesome.

An example of the stone devices that the Singing Shard can affect

Thoughts During Gameplay:

Alrighty, so aside from explaining everything, I suppose we better actually hear some opinions!

  • I love the way that your surroundings will pop up from the ground as they come into view, its so cute and unique as I’ve personally never really seen that done before.
  • I like the variety of enemies that you’re presented with, once you move on to further destinations, they get very difficult to beat, very quickly. Although I’m a little stuck at the moment, all I can say is that each player should try to get into as much combat as possible to prepare for the bigger fights in the game.
  • The characters are presented in a slightly Chibi fashion, but still have detail in their costumes, which I personally think looks really good.
  • Some could say that this game looks a little bit childish, but I think the overall looks and aesthetics of the game appeal to a wide range of audiences. The detail and challenge of the game will appeal to older, more experienced gamers, while the overall simplicity of the plot and controls will allow kids to get in on the action as well.
  • Across the maps, you’ll come across little twinkles coming out from rocks, logs, etc. You’ll either find an item, or you’ll get ambushed! As a curious cat, this is equally frustrating and rewarding, so I love those little 50/50 moments.
  • In addition to that last note, avoid those eagle shadows! If you’re feeling very risky, you can inspect any giant eggs you come across, but you’ve been warned!
  • Exploring and selling/buying/upgrading is always fun, plus having to save for awesome items teaches the young folk about making good financial decisions and saving! Gamers: We’re smarter than you think.
  • I do wish each character could hold a bit more stuff, because if I really need someone to be blocking all the time, I can’t utilize the items they might be carrying without risking the team taking a large amount of damage.
  • Once you’ve faced certain enemies a few times, you can run through battles quite quickly, making gameplay a little repetitive, but only a tad, as you’ll be sure to come across more difficult enemies soon!
  • There’s no ‘skill point’ kind of system, you can’t choose what you learn or unlock. It just seems to randomly happen. You can of course buy new weapons etc, but then again, you still won’t have any idea when you’ll learn a new move with it.
Oooooh what could it be? Play the game and find out!

Overall Score: 8/10

I guess the bottom line on scoring is how much each person likes RPGs. I’ve never had that much experience with a 3DS so I really enjoyed the new experience of the console and the game as well. The game really appealed to me in almost every aspect, as any criticisms I have are minor. However, I am trying to consider those that I don’t usually play these sorts of games.

If you like RPGs, cute little chibi(ish) characters, simplicity, badassery, and increasingly challenging destinations, then you’ll enjoy this game (like me!)

If you’re more into RPG’s that give you skill points, or you don’t like turn-based combat, then maybe give this game a go, but don’t be to worried if it’s not your favourite.

As for me, I will be continuing on my adventures with Garnet, and see what Avalon has to hide!

Have you played this game? Let us know what you thought about it!



  • Fairly unique style
  • Appeals to a wide audience
  • Character/Party Customisation
  • Big open world with multiple maps within destinations


  • No skill point system
  • You don't know how far away you are from leveling up
  • Slightly repetitive combat gameplay, but only slightly!

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