The Team

Michael Cox
I started The Insatiable Gamer in my lounge with a group of friends, it has since grown beyond my wildest dreams and I am proud to be part of a team spanning multiple cities and countries where we value integrity and honesty in all our reviews and articles. When I'm not working on the site, I'll most likely be playing games on my iPad or Smart Phone because apparently I'm too cool to use my PSPro or PC.
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Robbie Pearce
Writer/Podcaster/Tech Editor/Executive
I'm a University of Otago COSC drop out that got a trade. I work full time making cardboard packaging and part time I run a small computer repair company from home. I'm a self confessed filthy casual that takes more pride in the specs and aesthetics of my PC than my achievements in game. TIG provides a handy loophole in my marriage agreement that now turns games into productive work. Ha, suck it. I love story rich games that you can truly lose yourself in, my favourite game series of all time is Mass Effect and my heart breaks for it.
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Sarah Michelle (Shelly) Pearce
Podcaster/Administrator/Whipper of Robbie
I'm just the poor wife of Robbie who found herself roped into TIG. When I'm not pretending to listen to him talk about games and technology, you will find me chilling with my hoard of pets (4 rabbits and a cat) and watching lots of terrible TV, probably with a glass of wine in my hand.
Daven Parsons-Piwari
I've been reviewing games since 2008 and never really stopped, ever since my PS2 game reviews were published in the newspaper. I was the first writer brought on board for TIG, which gives me one of the highest levels of clout among the website. When I'm not working on reviews you can keep an eye out for my semi regular satire articles.
Clarke Scrimshaw
As anyone who knows me will tell you, I talk about three things: Freelancer, Monster Hunter, and Banjo-Kazooie. The foremost was my first review for The Insatiable Gamer, back in 2015, and I've introduced quite a few colleagues/friends to the Sirius System. TIG isn't just a place to write impartial news, it's also a place to make friends and join our community.
Dion Gardner
I'm currently a student studying Educational Psychology, The Insatiable Gamer for me is a fall back for when I eventually don't get a job with my degree... McDonald's is the fall back for when TIG ceases to exist. Jk Jk I love TIG and every Member and though I may not be the most useful member in the team, I am still a 'member' and until they fire me I will use that to brag to my friends with. I guess I should say something serious now, my favourite games are Tinder and Flappy Bird.
Ross Wardrop
I'm currently a student of History and Ancient History, I also have a job as a waiter in a trendy little cafe, as well as writing for The Insatiable Gamer. I originally come from the UK but moved to New Zealand when I was quite young, meaning I have the laid back kiwi attitude, but a voice that sounds condescending no matter the situation. I love reading, gaming and drinking, often combining drinking with the other two. My favourite game is Alien: Isolation.
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Connor Donaldson
Writer/Retro Article Editor/News
I am currently studying History at University and began writing for The Insatiable Gamer when I saw an ad recruiting writers. I was inbetween Uni years so I figured I could put my obsession with games and and my knack for writing to good use during the summer. I have a massive collection of games and consoles ranging from the NES to the 32X to the PS4, and I put that collection to good use while writing both new reviews and Retro Articles for the site.
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Houssem Eddine Chabbah
Writer/Social Media Manager/YouTube Contributor/News
Out of Tunisia, and currently living in Austria, I’m that famous Arab spice you export in trading naval games. As an aspiring writer, I already have a fantasy book under my belt, as well as several blogs on my Medium account. While I started writing in late 2016, I’ve been playing video games since 2005; mainly RPGs and story rich/driven games. So when a friend told me about a recruitment post on Facebook of a company that combined both passions, I jumped at it like there was no tomorrow. And so I came to be here; part of this passionate family known as The Insatiable Gamer.
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Haythem Frikha
I'm a high school student currently living in Tunisia. I always get into debates with my friends about games we play, and I have always wanted to show my perspective to the world. Well, writing for The Insatiable Gamer fulfilled my wish, and I'm very proud I got to be a member. I also blog on the side, and I love reading fantasy books. I'm a sucker for RPG and story-based games, and I live to be a stealthy rogue in every single game I play. Please bring telltale back 🙁
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Helena Beckert
Writer/News/Podcaster/YouTube Contributor
I started gaming back when Blizzard was the brash new startup Silicon & Synapse and floppy disks were legit how we got our Sierra fix. From the moment I got my hands on a PC, they’ve almost never left. Which is why I now work as an Engineering Team Lead at Xero (though, my keystrokes produce less and less code now). Games journalism was the ultimate dream of a little girl who was so excited to play the Rogue in Diablo that she couldn’t sleep for days. I’m so thankful to be able to write for the Insatiable Gamer, and so proud of the team we have here.
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Chelsea Thomson
Writer/YouTube Contributor
I played video games all the time growing up but dropped the hobby when I went to boarding school at 13 years old. Five years later a friend gave me a totally legal absolutely legit copy of Skyrim, and I got hooked on gaming once again. I currently write reviews for TIG, and occasionally put together the rare video review. I study at the University of Canterbury double majoring in English Literature and Cultural Studies with a specific focus on Fan Studies, Gender and Sexuality, and Internet Culture. All of the above (and my personality in general) can pretty much be summed up by the phrase “what a goddamn nerd”.
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Austin Detrick
Writer/Editor/Occasional Podcaster/Immortal Lich
Hey, I'm Austin. I'm the Lich your mother probably warned you about, and one of the few Americans here on the team, though I intend to immigrate to NZ anyway. I’m roughly thirty thousand years old, but I look about 19. I'm currently studying for Computer Info Tech, with plans to start a business, and I really enjoy writing as well as games, so when this gig kinda fell into my lap, I couldn't possibly say no. I play a lot of different genres, but my mainstays tend to be RPG’s and Fighting games, as well as the occasional Shooter. My first review here was Celeste, and I did a ton after that, but with Uni, I don't always have time to write a lot now. I love doing it though, and I love being a part of the team here; everyone really feels like family to me in this group, especially my dad, Michael
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Callum Brown
Hey there! My name is Callum, I am the second Scottish member of the team hailing from Glasgow! I’m no elitist and I’m very broad spectrum in my love for games, I’ll play racers and JRPG’s in the same day don’t judge me, my favourite games though are undisputidly the Fallout Games and I’m talking like all of them, they’re just perfect and you’ll never convince me otherwise. TIG is a new venture for me and it’s a dream come true and I just cannot wait to see what these wild people have in store for me.
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Tyler Haines
I am currently studying a Bachelor in Science majoring in Psychology and I am going to move on to Criminology after that. I am what you would call an amateur trophy hunter coming close to my 50th platinum! My favourite games are JRPGs. I grew up on Final Fantasy 8 and have completed it more times than I can count. I am also a massive fan of From Software, anything they put out is automatically in my collection. I am super stoked that I can now talk through my experience of video games via reviews.
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Nikola Campbell
Hello there! I am a student of digital design and as just as much of a nerd as you might expect. I love all things Fantasy, RPG and D&D. Even though pen and paper is my niche I have a great time writing for the Insatiable Team. I love to tell stories, whether that’s a party’s journey into a swarm of monsters or how I felt playing the games that come my way.
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Ed Nugent
I upped sticks and moved to New Zealand from Great Britain, mainly to have access to three different types of marmite, but I've brought my (far too) many years of gaming experience to Aotearoa and The Insatiable Gamer. I've been privileged enough to write for other sites and magazines in the past, but it's exciting to carry on my sporadic writing career here! Flip-flopping between PC and console is a recurring theme for me, but I've recently wrangled together a pretty decent rig after a long hiatus, mainly to check out all the weird early access delights and reminisce at all the cheap oldies. Pro tip: Rosalina's Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy is a great wedding song!
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