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Welcome, true believers and newcomers alike! The Insatiable Gamer’s Austin Detrick here, with a special interview starring an unnamed, (unknown) intern of the one and only Marvel Comics! Get on the edge of your seats people, because this one’s gonna be packed to the brim with thrills and chills, twists and turns, and nonstop question-slinging, answer-singing action! Let’s dig in, folks!


As I stated before, today, we have a very special interview for you, featuring an intern who prefers to remain anonymous, working under the legendary Marvel Comics Studios! How are you doing tonight?


AMI (Anonymous Marvel Intern): Pretty good! Excited to be here and see where this goes.

Austin: Honestly? Me too. This is gonna be fun!


With that, let’s get right into the action!


General Questions

So you’re an intern working for Marvel, obviously. Can you tell us what it is exactly you do, and what responsibilities you carry as an employee under the studio?

AMI: Usually interns are just given research jobs to gauge the public response to things that are either already out or have been advertised. Occasionally they’ll let us work on something cool, like throwing around ideas, and from there, things can either progress to being modified and used, outright used, or disregarded. So we essentially do some PR type stuff with some concept pitching on the side.


Austin: Can you give us an idea of what some of those concepts you’ve pitched in the past have been?

AMI: As one of the people who leans more towards artistry, I tend to stick more to vagueish concepts. Background art, lighting, general layout concepts.. Stuff like that. Sometimes an idea will get taken and they’ll run with it. Other times you’ll just get laughed at. (laughs)


Austin: What are some of the concepts you wanted to go through that didn’t?

AMI: One of the ideas that was kind of rumored to go around in Infinity War is, “what if when Thanos turns Starlord’s blaster into a Bubble Gun, if he hadn’t and Gamora had died then instead of him sacrificing her for the stone?” It would’ve been interesting to see his reaction and have to find a way to bring her back so he could get the stone he needed. Another idea that was kind of going around the rumor mill that I had heard of was “what would’ve happened if the Avengers had gotten the gauntlet off of Thanos’ hand?” I personally like it how it happened in the movie, because if they had gotten it off, it would’ve been more of a “good guys win again” scenario, rather than such a tragic ending. They also wouldn’t have been able to do the scene from the comics where Thanos sits down and smiles across the “world at peace.” None of these are concepts we as interns have pitched though, these are just some of the ones that went around.


Austin: What are some of the projects you’ve been involved with in the past?

AMI: By myself, not much, but I have helped others refine their ideas. When you’re working with others, it’s helpful to use each other as sounding boards to mentally support each other and get some constructive feedback before you hand a project in to someone that’ll judge the hell out of it. (laughs)


Austin: Anything interesting there you can talk about?

AMI: One idea, which didn’t go through, was a scenario a few friends and I in the company came up with was, “What would happen if some of the people who got erased had lived and the original five, as well as Fury, had died?” That didn’t go over so well, but it was an interesting idea to toy with. We had also done a few designs for if the characters had all gotten iron suits from Tony. We bounced around ideas, did some concept art… of course it never went anywhere, but it was fun.


Austin: Is there anything else as far as your personal involvement you’d like to talk about?

AMI: I will say that, given what I know about the upcoming games and movies to follow this, your audience should be pretty damn excited! (laughs) I think the comic lovers will also be pretty appeased.


Austin: Sounds like a lot of fun! Let’s get into some more juicy, specific questions about future happenings.

AMI: Sounds good to me!

Marvel Studios’ Infinity War (Part 1)

Inside Scoops


Austin: So can you tell us anything about the upcoming Guardians installment?

 AMI: Yes, yes I can! There are actually some.. Ideas, floating around. Last I heard, there were two concepts that were gaining a good amount of attention. One of them is, for the next Guardians, what would happen if they focused on the aftermath of Infinity Part 1, in a sense. What if, for the Guardians, we go to where they’ve been sent to, whether that be contained in the stone, or sent into a different reality. For all we know, rather than them dying, they could’ve been spread across different universe. Thanos made it clear he only cares about his timeline, so who’s to say, right? If we went where the Guardians went what if we split them up, and kind of did separate, one-shot stories in different universes, before they get to the Thanos conclusion and meet up. Or what if Quill hadn’t left earth at a young age? What if Gamora’s planet hadn’t been destroyed? How would that affect their futures, their outlooks? It’s a lot of character building going around, with the last movie having such a big revelation for a lot of the characters, and we hope to expand on that. The other concept going around is basically if Thanos was tracked down by the Guardians before the events in IW took place. What I mean by that is, when you think of what happens in the first movie, a lot of people disappear from the big Thanos Killing team. What would happen if the Guardians could figure out a way to escape for everyone from the team. If they’re in the soul stone, they’re contained in the gauntlet, so essentially, they’d stone hop over to the time stone to reverse time back to before everything got bad. Now, these ideas aren’t at all concrete, just concepts I’ve heard with no idea as to how much stock is in them at the moment. But they’re possibilities, and really cool ones at that. That’s about all I can go into though.

Austin: Damn, that’s pretty cool! Lots more than I expected to hear.


 Austin: Any interesting projects upcoming video game wise?

 AMI: Yes, actually! So you know the Avengers Disney Infinity 2.0 expansion, right? Well, apparently there’s some buzz around doing some building off of that to where it pairs up with the DC Universe, evidently they’re also going to add a lot more villains. Or at least attempt to, fitting it into the project schedule and all.


Austin: Anything else?

AMI: I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you. (laughs) I will say though, the general public should, whether familiar with the comics or not, be very pleased with the upcoming projects we have in the works.


Austin: How about movie tie-ins and games? Anything there?

 AMI: Guardians Volume 3. There’s rumor that, if ticket sales go really good, we may get something related to all 3 films game wise. Other than the TellTale series we got. It may be mobile. May be console. Not really sure on that just yet.


Austin: Alright, alright, cool. Anything else super top-secret you wanna let us in on before we move to audience questions?

 AMI: I think I’ve gotten all I can talk about out for now, though I can tell you that, should anything new and permissible come up within the next few months, I’ll let you know. Keep your ears open!


Austin: Sounds hella sweet! With that interesting bit done, let’s get to the questions straight from our fans on Facebook.

AMI: Let’s do it!

Marvel Studios’ Ant Man and The Wasp

Audience Questions

Austin: Ross Wardrop Asks, Did you guys expect to get the reaction you did when Infinity War came out?

 AMI: Yes and no. As any could see, there was a very mixed response to the movie, not so much critically, but emotionally. Mainly, when it comes to Starlord effing up the team’s efforts to remove the gauntlet, there was a lot of anger. However, comic lovers know to appreciate that screw up, because it got them the scene where Thanos sits down and smiles at the end. The overall response was positive, and overwhelmingly so, and a lot of people can’t wait for the next one, which is good! We got a lot more reaction wise than we were initially hoping for, so it was really cool to see. That was a good one!


Austin: Kaitlyn Schofield asks, how hard was it to decide on most of these plots when you weren’t going strictly by the comics?

 AMI: Being that I’m just an intern, I don’t know just what the big boys thought about it, but I can say that during the time they were trying to do Infinity War, when trying to decide which comics should and shouldn’t go, it became very stressful, even for us interns. The atmosphere changed completely, and the pressure was really on to get it all worked out in a way that would please everyone, especially the public. Other than that, I can’t speak much for everyone else.


Austin: Tim Milner asks, I think anyway, given the reintroduction of the X-Men to the stable, do you guys plan to merge them into the MCU or keep it all separate?

 AMI: I can’t answer that at this time, not quite at liberty to say. (laughs)


Ausitn: Kurt Edder asks, Will the Green goblin kill Spidey and take over the persona himself?

 AMI: You might wanna talk to Venom about that. (laughs) Since we are getting more Venom, some stuff and things are gonna happen. Keep watch.


Austin: Chelsea Thompson asks, What really happened to Hawkeye and Black Widow in Budapest?

 AMI: Well, we know when they left, they seemed alright minus the argument, and when they came back, things seemed much more tense then before. The question, as you said, is why, and what happened? There are three possibilities we’ve been given. It’s essentially two lies, one truth, only we don’t get to know if anything really IS true. (laughs) Theory one is that, Black Widow is pregnant or is found to be able to have kids. Theory two is Hawkeye and Black Widow have come to find that his eldest child has the ability and mental capability to do what he’s done, which is intense training to get otherworldly level skills, and they’re keeping it secret to keep him safe from his mother’s wrath and the Avengers and Nick Fury of course. The third one is Black Widow and Hawkeye had an argument of some great proportion that’s distanced them from each other as friends, but they’re still trying to play it cool for the team. This argument, if it happened, has something to do with the second Infinity War we think. None of these are quite concrete as far as us lowly interns know, but it’s what’s been suggested to us.

Austin: Wow, not what I expected to hear from that one. Interesting!


Austin: Alan Papazian asks, Why?

 AMI: Much like Bethesda likes to play games with their audience, so does Marvel. Because, y’know, we’re Marvel. (laughs) I mean that in the most respectful way possible of course!


Austin: Cool stuff my dude, let’s wrap this baby up!


Austin: I think that about does it for this interview. Any final thoughts on this? How was it for your first?

 AMI: I enjoyed it a lot! It was really interesting being interviewed for the first time, and answering the questions was fun. It was a fun way to test how much I’ve paid attention! (laughs) Lucky for me, I love my job, so I pay attention quite a bit.


Austin: Any last comments, anything interesting?

 AMI: Yes, actually, one final surprise. Seeing as the public seemed to REALLY enjoy the tidbit in Ragnarok alluding to Planet Hulk… Note that there’s rumor going around of a game for Planet Hulk. I thought your audience would get a kick out of that! Now, none of this is concrete, I don’t know much about character design or sets other than Hulk of course, but there have been other characters mentioned.. It’s been talked about whether or not Hulks from the animated series’, Red Hulk, She-Hulk etc. would be included, but it’s hotly contested on account of their pre-existing back stories. Nonetheless, it’s being talked about.. So keep your eyes open for that!


Austin: Awesome! I think that about does it. It was great having you on!

 AMI: I hope the audience found this entertaining and informative, and do remember, most of these concepts aren’t quite concrete, so if Marvel dashes everyone’s hopes, I apologize in advance! I’m curious to see what the audience thinks, so let me know that much! I had fun, thanks for having me. 

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther

Thanks to Marvel and our anonymous source here for giving us this unique opportunity. It was a lot of fun to do, and I hope we get to work with them more in the future. That’ll do it for now folks; till next time, keep your eyes on the rooftops for any signs of more heart-pounding action on this end!

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