Todd Howard Announces Skyrim for the SNES Classic Mini

Professional game developer and shill Todd Howard of Bethesda Softworks is the man that keeps on giving. Specifically, he keeps on giving us Skyrim, their entry level RPG that pleases newcomers and disappointed veterans of the series, which has now seen 4 separate releases if you include the VR edition. Well good news, because the game’s fifth release has just been announced for Nintendo’s new SNES Classic Mini, the throwback plug n play console with over 20 pre-installed classic games.

Here’s what Toddy had to say:

“While working on Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch, we became aware that Nintendo were working on releasing a console full of classic games for the fans. Well, we also had a classic game we want to bring back, and that game is Skyrim. It seemed like a match made in heaven, with Nintendo presenting us with an opportunity to sell Skyrim to our loyal fans yet again.”

When asked if they also planned on rereleasing Fallout 4, again, Todd hinted: “No unfortunately not for the SNES Classic Mini, but we do have plans to keep milki- er, making Fallout 4 available for the fans to purchase again in future. For now, please remember to buy Skyrim for the SNES Classic Mini, the Nintendo Switch, or both!”

When asked to comment on the fact that the Skyrim wasn’t present on the original SNES, Todd started talking about Skyrim’s “infinite questlines” and the creation club again, which he promised would also allow players to buy community content for the SNES Classic Mini edition.


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