Tom Clancy’s The Division Update Release

Nearly a year and a half after Tom Clancy’s The Division was released, Ubisoft is still releasing massive updates. The most recent is update 1.8 “Resistance”, the biggest free update for The Division so far. Ubisoft has announced that update 1.8 will drop on all platforms simultaneously this spring. This update will bring two new game modes and a new map area.

West Side Pier will be introduced in the upcoming 1.8 update. The area is spread across two zones and will be diverse and dynamic. This will be especially so in the two new game modes, Resistance (PvE) and Skirmish (PvP). Resistance will be the first time different factions are combining to fight Division agents. This will be done in a survival style play against ever spawning NPCs. Skirmish is a team death match style play mode made of two teams of four.

For more information on update 1.8 “Resistance”, click the trailer below

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