This title was reviewed on PS4, but is also available on PC and Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is the latest addition to the series by Ubisoft. The game is a multiplayer open world tactical which can be played solo, with your buddy-ol’-pals, or a cheeky bunch of strangers! I’m a fan of the first game, so I was really excited to see where Ubisoft would take it – what new features would they add? I had played a couple of hours of the open beta, and was impressed at this point with the gameplay, convincing me I needed to check out the final product. Let’s have a look!


Following the Green Poison outbreak, the game starts seven months later. You play as an agent who is restoring Washington DC along with a local Joint Task Force which is based at the White House. You must protect settlements from the Hyenas, the True Sons, and the Outcasts who are all bandit-like groups and control areas of DC.


If you’re a fan of the original The Division you will feel quite at home with The Division 2. The core mechanics have carried over to the sequel, which is great as one of my favourite features from The Division was the gun play. The guns feel like they have a touch more recoil in this game, which I think is an awesome addition of realism meaning you have to put thought and accuracy into your shooting. This is also quite an interesting aspect as you will be changing your weapons regularly – so learn your guns! I did however play The Division on the PC so I’m not sure if that has any impact on this.

Washington DC is broken up in different sections and are ranked by level. This level is the recommended level that your character should be at to take on this area. Throughout each region you can find settlements and unlock a safe house. The safe house is where you will respawn if you happen to die during the game. You will also come across your main mission and side missions. Side missions are shorter and come with rewards such as new equipment, experience points, and resources for settlements. In some of these missions you will fight your way into an area to collect a resource: there is a story aspect to these side missions as you run a dialogue with the settlement. There are also other activities to do, ranging from taking over an opposing stronghold to hacking a propaganda speaker and then defending it from the enemies. The main missions will progress the story line, and this is how you can also upgrade your main base of operations – the White House. By completing these missions, you will also unlock crew members. One of the early unlocks is a lady who will give you access to a crafting station. The crafting station allows you to craft modifications for your weapons, such as stocks and grips. You can also craft gear, mainly body armour and backpacks. However, crafting requires blueprints, which can be acquired by finishing tasks and missions.

The customisability for your character in combat is pretty sick. From the get go you will choose two skills, for my character I chose the Drone – a device you throw into the air to then watch it pester enemies with bullets. Pester is an interesting choice of word – this is because the drone seems to do very little damage and seems to be more of a distraction than anything since I was always needed to finish off the kill. The other skill I chose was the Chem Launcher with Riot Foam functionality. This covers an enemy in foam making them immobile, so you can then take them down. Not only is this ability more effective than the drone, but it also has a faster cool down so can be used more often. You can add even more upgrades throughout the game. When you pick these upgrades you will also pick the functionality for this upgrade, so there’s a really wide range of abilities to choose from!

The Division 2 also has areas that are referred to as dark zones, which are places that have been quarantined and are full of contamination. You will need to clear these areas by carrying out specific tasks which will reward you for your efforts. However, these areas are multiplayer, so you’ll have to try and claim the loot for yourself before anyone else can get in before you!

Once again, you can play this game with your buddies! For those who don’t have someone to play with locally but still want to experience this, you can use a matchmaking system at your base of operations which will put you in a group with other online players. If however you want to mainly free roam solo, but occasionally get help for missions, sometimes the game will provide a popup for just that. You shouldn’t worry though, even though gameplay can be a little harder, you won’t be punished for playing solo.

The game does have some glitches, such as side quests getting stuck halfway through by NPCs not triggering dialogue which was only fixed by logging in and out for a few times, but that also meant having to start from scratch!


The Division 2 is absolutely stunning. The level of detail and realism is amazing and compliments the atmosphere of the game. The textures (when working) look fantastic. These unfortunately have a habit of not loading sometimes, and while this can be annoying, you’ll grow used to it. And if we’re talking sound-wise, this title did not disappoint with the realistic sound effects and good soundtrack.


The Division 2 is a solid sequel title to The Division. They have taken everything that worked well in the first game and added new features such as skills and perks. These features all add well to the game’s enjoyment. As expected with a game where you shoot and loot, this does get a bit repetitive. Although, the game makes up for that with loads of fun, so don’t worry! The Division 2 is a must-have for fans of the series, and for all you newbs coming in to the game – get ready to enjoy a vast open world with amazing combat and some really intense times in the dark zone.



  • Great gun play
  • Superb graphics
  • Vast world
  • Heaps of customizability


  • Glitches here and there
  • Slight repetitiveness


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