Tom Clancy’s The Division Incursions Update Available Now

Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy’s the Division’s first content update will be available for all players on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. This content update is part of Ubisoft’s post-launch plan to keep players interested after the main story arc has been completed, this content update is the first of two. Incursions, as it is called, will contain new items, features and activities that will improve the gaming experience:


New Items:

  • Gear Sets: By completing challenges in Manhattan, players can collect and wear new gear sets unlock their respective powerful bonuses and stats:

–      Tactician’s Authority – Enhances electronics and support capabilities.

–      Striker’s Battlegear – Provides bonuses for assault capabilities.

–      Sentry’s Call – Enhances marksman capabilities.

–      Path of the Nomad – Provides bonuses for lone wanderers.

New Features:

  • Trading will now be available between players in the same group. Now players can trade loot with other players.
  • Gear Score, allows players to gauge others by analysing the power and abilities in fellow agent’s gear scores.

New Activities:

  • Incursion Falcon Lost, Developed specifically for squad play, players team up with the Joint Task Force in an epic fight against the Last Man Battalion and their new deadly weapon.
  • Dark Zone Supply Drops: These are global events that supply non-contaminated gear that doesn’t need extraction.
  • Assignments: Lucrative tasks that offer additional rewards but are on a timed restriction.


To watch the trailer of the update, click below:

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