Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle Releases Today

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle has just come to the Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and PS4/VR. The game follows Reimu, who was out at the shrine praying when she heard a rumour from passers-by. There is a rumour that a vampire is teaming up with the youkai (Japanese Ghosts) to assault humanity. So, much like the good Samaritan she is, Reimu heads on up to Scarlet Devil Mansion to have a gander at the situation.

Our protagonist Reimu!

Touhou is a bullet hell game, meaning that at no point should you know what is going on. Using melee attacks and spells, as well as memorizing patterns of attack, you beat down a boss until they finally die. The game is set in the Touhou universe and offers you nine different characters to fight with. Each character has different attacks and spells adding some cool variation to the game. But most importantly, each character has a different song that plays when you fight as them. Hopefully this will stop me from putting the music on mute because I have heard the same beat a thousand times over.

Touhou also has an online and local competitive mode, meaning you can climb the ranks against randoms on the internet. Or you can face your friends and show them that you are definitely the best Touhou player in the land. The game looks delightfully nuts and if you would like to see more there is a lovely trailer below.

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is available right now! So if you would like to pick it up the game is available on the relevant eStores. There are also physical copies if you are old school (like me) and like to own hard copies of your game.

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