Troll /Teen Bromance Adventure Game ‘Troll and I’ Receives Release Date

Ever wanted to have a troll as your best friend, and not the epic internet kind? Well now’s your chance in Troll and I, a new adventure game from Maximum Games and Spiral House. Otto is forced to leave his home in the Nordic wilderness and befriends, you guessed it, a troll. Both protagonists have different abilities, with Otto being the spear-wielding skinny teen and the troll being the bulky, uh, troll. Play local co-op, focus on teamwork, and choose to play as either the white kid with dreads or the E.T. giant.

Troll and I has received the release date of March 21st next year for North America and March 24th for Europe. It will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The cinematic trailer also sells it pretty well, check it out here!

Troll and I is now available for preorder at $49.99.

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