This title was reviewed on PC, but is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Tropico 6 – The President is back! Along with the most loyal advisor of all: Penultimo. I have played a few of the games from the Tropico series, and sunk the most of my time into Tropico 4. I was a huge fan of this game, and the best things about Tropico is that you know what to expect from a new instalment! These usually have nice updated graphics, sometimes new game mechanics, and in Tropico 6’s case a nice new scenario with mission mode (more on this later). Now I won’t go into too much detail about every little thing as you may already know the gist of Tropico games, but big question is did Tropico 6 deliver? Read on to find out!


In Tropico 6 you follow the usual story of a leader of the Island of Tropico, where you will aim to develop the island while also ensuring you stay in power. The time frame of the game will pass over four eras.


Tropico 6 has the core mechanics from previous Tropico games as you would expect. You need to manage your islands, so placed at your hands is the ability to control everything from resources through to the entertainment provided. You will build the classic plantation and pick what it will specialise in. As you pick the different options, the map will show different colours to show where it is best to place your plantation for it to be the most efficient. And of course, you will be able to export these goods! For example, if you have made a sugar plantation, if you add a rum distillery the sugar can be turned to rum and a contract made to export these goods for a nice profit.

You need to manage your citizens to make sure they are happy and not living in shacks as this won’t look appealing on your perfect modelled paradise! Putting down entertainment areas is a good way to keep those citizens voting for you. You can even put down a tavern and get them all drunk and favourable. In Tropico 6 you also have multiple islands, which is pretty fun to manage and being able to choose each island to do something different is awesome.

The main objective of the game is to stay as El Presidente! Every so often an election will occur where you need to win at any cost. If you lose, it’s game over. So how do you ensure victory? You will see your favour with the public and certain groups of people. Just before the election you may also be able to fix the numbers if you’re not feeling confident enough that everyone is rooting for you. To make it easier you can also eliminate anyone who you don’t like. They’re too unhappy with you and it would be too much of a hassle to win them back? You just made it on to the hit list.

Tropico 6 has probably the best mission scenarios from all the games in the series so far. You go all the way back to when your Presidente first met Penultimo, and you must complete one mission with multiple objectives to unlock the next map and so on. I feel like this is a great way to prepare yourself for the game, as while it’s not directly a tutorial it helps to show you how to progress your island and even how to piss off the British if that’s your deal! For brand new players there is a pretty extensive tutorial mode to check out, where you will learn all the different mechanics of Tropico 6.


Tropico 6 looks like a Tropico game but with better graphics, and isn’t that what we love? It’s a very colourful game and the models are really well done. The ability to customise the look of your ultimate dictator is also pretty bad ass! Sound wise, Tropico 6 exactly what you’d expect. The whole game pretty much sounds like you are on tropical island at the bar with a cocktail in hand.


It’s hard to fault Tropico 6 on anything really. The only issues I had was some running issues which will surely get patched soon. Even with not being the biggest player of these types of games, I still see that it’s a well made and polished game. This will give the rest of the Tropico games from the series a run for their money that’s for sure! I recommend this game to any fan of the Tropico series and it’s a great way to get into this series for those of you who haven’t played before! With a tutorial to smooth you over and the great missions to ease you into the game (sandbox mode), what more could you ask for!?



  • Great for beginners
  • Great graphics
  • Awesome sound
  • New game mechanics
  • Penultimo


  • Some running problems (PC)

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