This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developed by btf and produced by Headup Games and Whisper Games. Trüberbrook is a mystery sci-fi walk and click game and by walk and click I mean the same style of game as the Telltale games. When Telltale games first hit the market, we saw a huge influx of this genre but it has since quietened down. Let’s jump into Trüberbrook to see if this is just another copy, or if it brings something exciting and new.


Honestly the graphics here remind me of clay motion-like animation. Which is a good thing! They’re beautiful, colourful, and full of character. With vibrant colours and eccentric looking character models Trüberbrook makes its adventure look unique and vibrant. This is obviously a thumbs up because I am an absolute sucker for unique visuals.


You are an American Physicist named Tannhauser who has found himself in the quiet Germany village of Trüberbrook. He awakes one night to find a man in his room, lightning flashes and the man disappears, along with your notes for your latest research paper. Tannhauser makes chase and tries to track down this ghostly apparition thief. What happens after that I will leave up to you to find out. I was quite happy with the story here but it never shook me up too much. Not too boring and predictable but not amazing either. Pretty middle of the road stuff.


As for the gameplay it does play as I said earlier much in the style of the Telltale titles. You control your character’s movement and where they look and you click on items of interest around the game world. It’s not very deep but it’s enough to keep you engaged. It usually involves solving a simple puzzle or finding a certain item. This can however become rather boring after a while as most games based around walking do. The game’s interaction mechanics work fluidly though I must say, with a great deal of effort being made on how your character interacts with the world.


Trüberbrook is voice acted to a surprisingly high standard with the voice actor for your own character and the others not just being an emotionless robot as sometimes happens to inexperienced voice actors. The music is nice but usually just background noise with the majority of sound being made up by the voice actors.

Final Verdict

Trüberbrook is a decent idea and somewhat well executed. The revival of an out of fashion genre is a hard thing to do and I just don’t think they get it right here. A game with more focus on mystery may have been better served in the first person. I feel the story could use fleshing out a bit also as it seems a little bit all over the place.



  • Beautiful graphics and visuals
  • Very good voice acting
  • The mystery element


  • Can come off a bit slow
  • Genre doesn’t really fit with the story

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