United Airlines DLC for Street Fighter V Announced

It’s been a rough week for United Airlines. After facing backlash from the court of public opinion over the violent removal of a passenger on an overbooked flight, they’ve had to endure a PR nightmare. In what could be an effort to double down on the current controversy they’ve announced a bold new move, partnering with Capcom for a cameo in the hit fighting game Street Fighter V. 

“Any publicity is good publicity” said the airport janitor closest to the United Airlines Kiosk, not long after images of a doctor being dragged off a flight circled the internet. “This is probably their way of embracing what happened in a lighthearted and tasteful manner, by defining themselves as a brand that isn’t afraid to dish out a hiding.”

The DLC would include a reskin of the Air Force Base stage to include United Airlines branded planes in the background, as well as a United Airlines pilot uniform skin for M Bison. Not only that, but the United Airlines Air Marshall is available as a playable fighter, with devastating grab combos at their disposal that will leave the enemy eating airline food through a straw.

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