This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC.

Over the years there have been plenty of indie games based off of a very niche premise. look at the likes of Goat Simulator or Octodad: Dadliest Catch. some of the most renown gimmicky indie games to grace us this decade. All though with popularity comes copycats, and with copycats come half baked ideas and shovelware. Untitled Goose Game is NOT a half baked idea or shovelware. The game has been out for a while and has had some rave reviews and intense viral success. It got to the point where there were crossover memes with Fire Emblem: Three Houses of all things. I’m not going to leave it ambiguous that this game is a great time so instead of trying to remain vague at the beginning i’m just going to outright tell you that Untitled Goose Game is beyond fantastic, here’s why:



A theme for this game is simplicity, and nothing says that more than the art style. Untitled Goose Game doesn’t waste its time putting millions of pieces of detail in its environment and instead opts for lots of solid colors that are bright. NPCs are memorable despite the fact that they don’t have faces and the isometric perspective gives the game a 2 1/2D vibe.

Pictured: a Goose on the loose

As for the sound, Untitled Goose Game‘s soundtrack helps feed into the gameplay by being dependent on your actions. for example, if you steal the gardener’s keys, a small jingle plays as he chases you. The soundtrack itself is also rather minimal and simplistic which while might be a detriment to other games, plays right into this game to help keep things very “low energy”.


Rightio Govna ‘ere’s the meat and potatoes. (im sorry for whatever the heck that opening was)  Untitled Goose Game has a HONK BUTTON 10/10 GOTY CASE CLOSED GOOD NIGHT.


Final Thoughts




Okay, so I can’t just finish a review like that, that would be stupid of me. In this game you play as the Goose of untitled fame. You begin your warrior’s journey jumping out from a bush and the game teaches you how to interact with objects like locks and things on the ground that you can pick up. It feels organic and when you finally swim out onto the lake the game busts into a small introductory musical piece and on the screen comes the game’s name: Untitled Goose Game

I won’t go into too much detail for the five of you who haven’t played it but the goal of the game is to meet objectives that range from organizing a picnic to giving a kid a new set of glasses. however as you may have guessed it’s not so innocent… anyone who knows Geese know that Geese are literally pure evil incarnated and set upon the earth to wreak havoc and HONK. So you organize said picnic by stealing a gardener’s food, and you give a kid a new pair of glasses by exploiting his fear of geese and untied shoes to make him trip up so that you can steal his normal glasses and replace them with some random ones from a gift shop.

it’s the little interactions like this that make this game so amazing. there is no grand overarching story, no high budget visuals or twist that turns everything on its head. Just a game that  puts you in a small town and says “wreak havoc, but only by being annoying and mildly terrifying.”

And here is the Goose asserting it’s dominance over a child. As all things should be.


This game is just outright a good time. It’s short, sweet and doesn’t try to use any wonky bad controls to add artificial difficulty. It’s a low energy game that you can pick up on the your Switch on the go or on PC after a long day and relax.



  • A simplistic game
  • Easy to relax to
  • Cute soundtrack
  • You get to lock a lady in her garage


  • Could be longer, but that's just me wanting more!