Utawarerumono: Mask Of Truth Coming this September

An usurper has seized the Yamato throne and seeks to conquer the land, Civil war is on everyone’s lips. In a world thrust into turmoil and chaos, there are many scores to be settled on the battlefield. Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, due to be released on September 5th, seeks to settle these scores with an all new battle system.

All new battle system you ask? With the Yamato Empire under new rule, the battles are going to be more frequent and fierce. Nations and Generals will have to choose between joining the Yamato Empire or butting against its iron grasp. Familiar faces are seasoned adventurers, with all new skills and abilities. Extended action chains, a higher level cap, and all new Co-op Final and Chain attacks. You’ll be wiping the floor with your enemies in no time!

Need more practice? No worries! New game modes featuring training exercises can expand your tactical skill set in a jiffy. Gain experience and BP with the Red vs. White mock battle mode, or test your military aptitude through various tough challenges in Munechika’s Trials mode.

With a whole new story, brand new characters, the same amazing art style, and 80+ hours of additional gameplay, what are you waiting for?
(Other than September 5th)

The trailer for this exciting new release for Utawarerumono is viewable below:

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