Vroom Kaboom

This game was reviewed on PS4 and used PlayStation VR

Vroom Kaboom is a cross between a PVP racing game, a tower defence strategy game, and a card game. Three genres that on paper, seem like they won’t work well together, but just meshed so perfectly. This game is playable both with and without VR, but I found that the VR controls were my preference as it ended up feeling more like a card game that way.


Vroom Kaboom never feels boring, with multiple maps, cards, and decks, it always manages to stay refreshing and new from game to game. The gameplay feels current and unique plus delivered for a truly unique experience. I loved every aspect of this game from its gameplay design down to its soundtrack.


The only downside to Vroom Kaboom is a short tutorial that only explains base gameplay mechanics and produces a steep learning curve. The game makes up for it however with a campaign mode to help you get cards and experience before hopping online.


The game is very refined technically, i encountered no bugs or glitches in my time playing. Controls are tight and responsive and leave nothing to be desired, the game is also graphically pretty and looks marvelous. The soundtrack is another plus to the game and honestly sounds great and left me bobbing my head to the music mid battle.



To summarize, Vroom Kaboom is a amazing game, it provides a unique experience, with tight controls and graphics and totally deserves a perfect score. For a more in depth review and to see some gameplay both in and out of VR, check the video down below:



  • Unique experience
  • Refined gameplay
  • Looks and sounds great
  • Technically sound game (no bugs)


  • Lack of a proper tutorial can make early game a struggle

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