Warframe is Reinvigorated with Plains of Eidolon Expansion

Hit free-to-play online co-op game Warframe is getting an expansion called “The Plains of Eidolon”. This is a new move for the game, shifting away from maze-like levels to open world exploration. This new expansion introduces a series of new features, while also expanding several others, granting players a level of customisation previously unknown. This expansion also brings a change in focus, shifting attention more to combat in a series of ways (although I wonder how more focused on combat a game called Warframe could actually be).

This latest expansion brings with it a new ongoing day/night cycle, which looks like it will drastically change the players experience in the new open world. During the day players can explore the colony of Cetus, where they can interact with vendors and play a variety of mini-games, which are available to players of all levels. However, what is really exciting is what awaits outside of Cetus. During the day you will be able to explore an exciting landscape, full of animals, rivers and even underground cave networks. But when night comes, players (either solo, or in groups up to four) will face the challenge of the Sentients. These Sentients will stalk the plains at night, rising from the water to kill anything that lives. Warframe invites the player to try and find out what the Sentients want, and asks how far you will go to find out.

The beautiful world of  Warframe.

This expansion also comes with a new playable character, Gara, who has the theme of glass. Gara has a range of cool abilities based around glass and using it to cut things, with one ability called “Splinter Storm” subtly alluding to this theme. With Gara comes her weapons as well, which do sound awesome. There is the Astilla, which shoots a slug that explodes on impact and fires glass off in every direction. But there are also reinforcements for Gara as well (which are just weapons with a fancier name).

New levels of customisation are available through the nifty little vendors in Cetus. Coming in the expansion is the ability to dress up your character. Which means if you are anything like me you try to make them look as ridiculous as possible. But there is also a new weapon customisation, which will be available by talking to the blacksmith. This new weapon customisation will be nice as it allows players to come up with cool new ways of playing their character. Adding a level of personality to the character that was previously lacking.

Important to this expansion is the idea of a refocus. The skill system has been changed to become more combat oriented. The new system will focus around the player levelling up and getting better weapons based on exploration of the Plains. This truly is a shift away from the maze-like game of the past.

Developer Digital Extremes is actively reinvigorating their massively popular game. This change will bring in new players, as well as giving veterans something new to explore.

Warframe’s “Plains of Eidolon” is expected to come to PC in the next week, and will release on Xbox One and PS4 in November.

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