Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon out now on Consoles

The latest (free) expansion for the crazy, free-to-play, third person shooter Warframe, is now out on both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Independent game developer and publisher Digital Extremes released the expansion only recently on the PC, nearly doubling their player numbers as the expansion reaped phenomenal reviews. DE has been supporting the game over its roughly 5 year life span, releasing regular (free) updates, adding new playable Warframes, weapons, game modes, making fundamental changes to the UI and game structure etc, however this update is by far the biggest.

Featuring a stunning new open world to explore, Plains of Eidolon is a welcome change of pace from the procedurally generated tile sets Warframe fans are used to. The Plains introduce a brand new Day/Night cycle, with night time bringing out the challenging Sentient foes, including Teralyst Eidolon, a worthy challenge even for seasoned space ninjas. For those less inclined, the daytime brings with it a slew of new activities and challenges, a social space that can host up to 50 players, as well as a beautiful new open world environment to explore with or without teammates.  The plains even offer new minigames such as fishing and mining, while the skies open up new combat options with the reworked ‘sky’ Archwing.

In addition to the reworked ‘focus’ system, which is now much more combat orientated, for more interactive game play with the operator, the expansion also adds the game games 34th Warframe. Gara manipulates glass to her advantage, both defensively, and in true Warframe fashion, ruthlessly offensively, as can be seen in the above video. Gara brings with her a powerful new arsenal including; Astilla that shoots slugs that explode on impact; Volnus, which deals a large amount of damage and can beat enemies to a pulp; and Fusilai, stealthy glass shurikens pierce through flesh and armor. The update introduces a few more weapons and cosmetics, to be discovered in-game.


To find out more about the free to play mega-game Warframe, go here, or check out their YouTube Channel to check out some some sweet gameplay.

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