Reviwed on PS4, previously reviewed on Xbox One, also available on PC.

All the way back in August, I was given Warhammer Vermintide 2 to review on my Xbox One, and if you’ve read that review, you’d know I loved it. It’s fast paced, gory, and manages to combine a Left 4 Dead style gameplay style with a Destiny progression system. My only real problem? It wasn’t on PS4 so I could play with my mates. Now my prayers have been answered, as Vermintide 2 finally hits PS4. This review will be a little different, as all that needs to be said about the actual game I’ve said in my Xbox review. While I will talk about the base game a little bit, I’ll mainly be having a look at how the game looks and runs, and if there’s anything new in this port.

What is Vermintide 2?

If I had to sum up Vermintide 2, I’d basically call it Left 4 Dead on steroids. It has the same four-player co-op horde style of that game, but with more of an emphasis on melee combat, with weapons like axes, hammers and swords taking the forefront. There are ranged weapons like bows and flintlock weapons, but their limited ammo makes them more of a fall back weapon than anything else. Vermintide 2 has plenty of content to sink your teeth into as well, with a pretty lengthy campaign, replayability due to difficulty modes, and a Destiny style progression system, where any loot you acquire contributes to your overall character rank. The story is a little weak, but character interactions and dialogue make it enjoyable to blast through. There are so many positive aspects about the game that there’s no wonder I gave it a 9 out of 10 back in August.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Screenshot
Vermintide 2 is fantastic, and there’s plenty of content to sink into thanks to a lengthy campaign and a solid Destiny style progression system

What’s the PS4 Port Like?

Now, let’s have a look at how the PS4 port plays. Graphically, it looks as good as it should. All of the detail is intact, whether it’s the geysers of blood spewing from the rats you’ve dismembered or the lighting throughout the levels. The PS4 version certainly looks the part. The Xbox port had some problems with framerate and even hard crashing when a lot of things were rendered on screen, but I had none of those problems during my time with the PS4 version, so it seems to be a little bit more stable than the Xbox port.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Port
The PS4 port certainly looks the part, with all of its detail intact. It also seems to be more stable than the Xbox port in terms of framerate and hard crashing

There’s no new content in this version of the game, but because it came out so late to the party, 2 DLC packs are available for it as of writing. There are the pretty poor Shadows over Bogenhafen which I’ve also reviewed, and the solid Back to Ubersreik which brings back some classic Vermintide 1 levels. While it is a bummer that there’s no exclusive content to make up for the long wait PS4 players have had, it’s nice that there’s the opportunity to have a bit more content right out of the gate instead of waiting for the DLC to release.

Final Verdict

The PS4 port of Vermintide 2 ain’t no slouch. What made me give the game a 9 out of 10 back in August is still here: the solid gameplay, the lengthy campaign, the replayability etc. The PS4 port manages to hold its own, keeping all of the graphical fidelity and detail of the game. It also manages to trump the Xbox One version in terms of stability, having a more stable framerate and no hard crashing like I got in the Xbox port. It is admittedly late to the party, but this game is so good it was certainly worth the wait.

If you want more detail on Vermintide 2 as a whole, check out my more comprehensive Xbox review.



  • Everything that makes the original game good is still here
  • More stable than the Xbox port in terms of framerate and crashing
  • Graphics are intact


  • Very late to the party
  • Still can’t pause in online

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