Watch the Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Gameplay Trailer

As of a few days ago, Square Enix have unveiled the latest gameplay trailer in the Final Fantasy XV “Episodes” DLC packs. In this episode, Episode Prompto, players are placed in the shoes of the brightest and chirpiest of the King’s Guard. Unlike the main game and even Episode Gladiolus, you will now take the helm of Prompto and his various weaponry. In the gameplay trailer we are treated to six minutes in a third-person shooter style. The game features aiming mechanics as well as the implementation of stealth kills in order to steal guns from guards. We are then following Prompto in what looks to be escaping from a facility filled with Imperial Soldiers. On your way out you will have to shoot and stealthily take down your enemies in order to survive. Your only objective is to escape. Knowing what an emotional rollercoaster Final Fantasy XV was, I believe players could expect another possible tearjerker as they witness Prompto going through a very emotional experience, if the promotional art is anything to go by. Gameplay below (PS4 Gameplay shown).


To accompany the DLC, Square Enix have also announce the Regalia Type-D upgrade, which will make some changes to the car alongside other customisation options.

And like previous Final Fantasy games, the music for the DLC will be composed by Naoshi Mizuta.

Episode Prompto is looking to drop 27th of June for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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