This title is exclusive to PC and was reviewed as such.

With the number of simulation games out there these days – from Goat Simulator to casual farming games, you really wonder when they’ll run out of ideas. Well, Devolver Digital came up with their own simulation game Weedcraft Inc. If you can’t guess what it’s about from that name, well… wait a minute, what was I talking about? Weedcraft Inc. has brought the growing and distribution of weed to the PC and you get to manage everything from choosing which strain you want to grow, to cater to the different consumers, and those after a different experience can even control the business side of the operation such as how much to sell your products for, to hiring employees to do the work for you.


There are two different storyline scenarios to choose from, the first one starting out more like a tutorial to the game where you play as a man whose father has died and you go into the weed business with your brother to start earning the dough. The other scenario features a man just out of prison who decides to sell weed to make cash. So pretty much the same concept but with the latter being more advanced as it does not give you tutorial objectives to get you started.



The whole game is about management. You need to manage your employees, and most importantly make sure you aren’t going to get busted by the cops! This is going to require careful decision-making to keep you in everyone’s good books, although that is easier said than done. If you are playing along with the first scenario you will be gradually introduced to new features. The game has a very complex way of growing your products and you will be able to change the conditions of the grow room to meet these complex requirements. Alterations such as hanging the set temperature can alter how pristine your final product is, while also changing up the potassium levels can give you a much better-quality plant.

You will encounter competitors who will start trying to sell their own weed in the same locations as you, but if you continue to provide better quality products you will eventually run them out of the location. You can also make friends with rivals by doing a chatting mini game, where you can ask them questions to learn more about themselves which will then give you access to more questions before increasing your friendship level with them. By doing this you can then ask them for cheeky requests such as a recipe for a product to grow yourself.

Your character will gain reputation points throughout the game which I achieved through completing missions. You can then use these reputation points to buy skills. There are four different categories of skills, which are networking, selling, growing, and researching. Each of these skill areas has a shady side and a decent side. For example, there is the skill to decrease police vigilance, or charge more to hipsters and geeks.

Now, hiring employees is great and all but they do a terrible job compared to just doing everything yourself. I found myself stepping into the growing room very often and growing it myself as it seemed to get the job done a hell of a lot faster!


So, the music is definitely not my style, but even so it is really repetitive and tended to get on my nerves. I ended up muting the music and just played a Spotify playlist in the background. The graphics are hand-drawn cartoons but quite realistic! They definitely feel like they fit the type of game.


Weedcraft Inc is an interesting take on a simulation genre game, which tries to add a business aspect to the gameplay. Some incorporated elements don’t seem to work very well (employees..), but there is also a lot of thought placed in the managing business mechanics instead of just focusing on growing and creating new strains. This shows quite a lot of depth and I feel really extends the game play time. It’s also cool how there’s two different scenarios to play as! I would recommend this game to fans of simulation games and weed alike.



  • Weed Customisability
  • In depth sim mechanics
  • Your choice on how to run the business


  • Employees are terrible
  • Music is annoying


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