This title was reviewed on PC, but is also available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Windscape is a game that was very apparently made with charm and passion. The calming music, the simple gathering and crafting system, and the slow, ‘not too threatening’ combat all contribute to this wonderful game. The story revolves around a young farm girl who is setting out on an adventure across floating islands only to find out they are breaking apart and falling to the earth.

The game is simple but immersive. One of the first things you’ll do in Windscape in a sort of tutorial is gathering ingredients around your home to make a nice meal. When you do depart on your first typical messenger quest you might not even notice how quaint the medieval village you stroll into is. The glimpses of character interaction you get along this path are all familiar but still work and will have you wanting to spend more time fetching and questing in the classic fashion. From the very beginning you can see the selection of armour and weapons you’ll be working towards to make combat quicker and get you back to whimsical exploration.

The graphics aren’t anything hyper advanced but they fill the space well. The design makes interactive items stand out from the landscape so you’ll want to be leaving the main path to get some more resources. Bright blueberries and oddly coloured mushrooms flank almost every path in the game that you’ll be tempted to grab to cook up recipes. Monster bits can also add to your stockpile although the game will mostly throw bees and wolves at you to begin with.

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of a soundtrack which so well fits a game’s experience but Windscape does that. From my time playing, each track, whether it was while moving along a stone path or delving deep into the dungeon fit perfectly. If you’ve ever hummed the Zelda theme or had the sounds of Mario stuck in your head then you’ll love what the game offers.

I had a very good time with Windscape. I wasn’t looking for anything challenging and still had an amazing time. The best part of this game is its environment, it works because you want to explore not because you want to overcome something. It is especially impressive given how much was done with just one person heading the development.



  • Simple
  • Relaxing
  • Great music



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