This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on 3DS, PSVita, PS4 and Wii U.

Word Puzzles By POWGI is just another game on the ever growing list of ports to the Nintendo Switch, and The Nintendo Switch is just another console on the long list of consoles home to Word Puzzles By POWGI. It doesn’t switch anything up through the transition onto the Switch and in fact loses a few mechanics. So it  wouldn’t be my first choice of console to play Word Puzzles by POWGI on but that being said, it’s still a nice change from games I’ve gotten used to and I welcome the laidback, play when you want gameplay it offers.

Surprisingly, Word Puzzles By POWGI is in fact a game about completing Puzzles, filled with words. There are 6 different formats of puzzles each with about 60 unique puzzles. With each puzzle lasting about a minute or more, that makes for a large amount of playtime, especially with all the dlc that are going to be released. The game modes are challenging in their own ways but once you learn the puzzles it doesn’t get any more challenging mechanically. Rather you are just challenged to find different and bigger words which can make it repetitive but if you push yourself to jump between the different variants of puzzle, this repetitiveness shouldn’t be a problem.

Now onto how Word Puzzles By POWGI plays on the Switch as this is the version I got my hands on. It looks like it isn’t too different but I did enjoy playing this game in the undocked mode. Its almost comical and expected at this point for reviewers to use the classic line of “playing (insert title) on the go is a new and amazing experience”. This was an amazing experience at first but I realised quickly that not every game is great for playing as you walk around town or are waiting for an appointment. You need a specific game that you can pick up, play, put down and then return to later for it to really fit. Playing games like Zelda or Mario just don’t work because these are games I really want to commit time to and not break that immersion. Word puzzles by POWGI on the other-hand is perfect because it’s basically one of those puzzle books just minus the paper and pens. It is timed, so you can race to get the best score but for me I was fine with taking my time and even put a puzzle down mid way as I was only playing it for the moment to moment enjoyment not for highscores.

The negative side of it being on the Switch is that it loses a valuable mechanic with the Amiibo connectivity. Wii U’s Word Puzzles by POWGI had an Amiibo function where you could wack one of those overpriced lil statues onto it and it would create a completely original puzzle based off of that character. Giving you as much replay ability as you have Amiibo. It also gave a little bit extra value to Amiibo even if it isn’t much, its all a welcome addition and a cut back that just wasn’t needed.

On the flipside, the Switch is in its element when you’re playing with friends and Word Puzzles by POWGI realised that. Versions on other consoles let you play multiplayer but getting four 3DS together is a lot more difficult then whopping out four joycon and having a chill puzzle to play while socialising. You can work together to rush through puzzles or you can challenge each other and see who gets the most words, it’s really up to you to decide how you play. Multiplayer adds a much needed element to this game and takes it from a simple digital puzzle book to something with a little more depth and replayabilty. My only issue is that the multiplayer, My favourite part of this game, Is not advertised nearly enough. I only learnt about it from reading reviews so you’re lucky to be reading this. There needs to be more on the HUD to raise your awareness to one of the most redeeming features of the game.

Word Puzzles by POWGI isn’t a game I’m going to recommend to friends and it isn’t going to be something I keep coming back to but it’s definitely a game I’m going to keep on my Switch just for the odd time I feel like testing myself. Its no brain training game but it is a nice lulled back game to enjoy when you don’t want to fully emerge in a game. Now that I know about the multiplayer function I might be a bit more interested in returning but. If a Sudoku book was a good Christmas gift for you as a child, then you’re in luck but I understand if the idea of a video game puzzle doesn’t get you overly excited.



  • Enough puzzles that you wont finish playing anytime soon
  • Multiplayer function is good on a Switch


  • Nothing blew my mind or proved why this needed to be a game
  • Amiibo function cut :(

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