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I’m a big advocate for making gaming available to as many people as possible. Gaming for me was an escape from a world I wasn’t too big a fan of. It helped me through some pretty tough years as a teenager, which could have led to more trouble (that came later anyway). When I heard about Xbox’s latest new accessory, I was absolutely blown away that a company as big as Xbox was developing such a life changing device. The Xbox Adaptive Controller opens the doors of gaming to a whole bunch of people, and makes it easy for a whole lot of others, whilst also simultaneously offering some pretty cool features.

Let’s get into the background of the controller first, because we all know Xbox make bloody good controllers: Xbox teamed up with a multitude of new partners, including The AbleGamers Charity, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, SpecialEffect, Warfighter Engaged, Craig Hospital and many more community members to bring a controller to the international market aimed at people with accessibility issues. The amount of work and thought that went into this amazing controller is incredibly impressive, and the fact that a company as huge as Xbox was a part of it, really shows how much they care.

Adaptive Controller

How it works:

The base design of the Adaptive Controller is a large rectangular base, with a fair bit of heft to it, to prevent it moving around during play (It’s not designed to be held, rather placed on a table, floor, etc.) The controller itself as two very large buttons, a D-Pad, and your standard, Xbox Light, sync button etc. But the true beauty of the Adaptive Controller is in the support for switches, joysticks, buttons, and more! With 19 3.5mm adaptors, and two external USB ports, the adaptive controller is built to be customised to each user’s needs. The ports all have pre-set assignments, but through the Xbox Accessories app (Same one you use for the Elite Controllers) these can all be changed to whatever you need.



The controller is stunning. The sleek white, offset by the black ports and buttons make this a true stunner and would be at home in any setup. The third party support means that the way your setup looks, is up to you.

Adaptive Controller

How it plays:

Depending on what accessories you use, will depend on how it plays! And that’s the beauty of the Adaptive Controller: It’s up to you!



An awesome added bonus of the Adaptive Controller is the possibilities it opens up in terms of gameplay. Use it for arcade sticks, an arcade setup, build a console into a table, it’s really rather cool!


Just do it. It’s awesome, it’s versatile, but most importantly it is opening up gaming to even more people.



  • Third party accessory support
  • Opening up gaming to people with accessibility demands
  • Beautiful and clean


  • Didn’t come sooner

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