Xenon Racer steams towards release

SOEDESCO and 3D Cloud’s futuristic arcade racer Xenon Racer is in gear and ready for its March 26th launch date. The title is releasing both physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 & PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X.

 In the not so far off future of 2030 the world’s first flying cars have been invented and the World Federation Racing Championship is preparing for its first new season with these cars, to give the racing teams time to prepare and train with their new vehicles the Federation puts a season long pause on racing into effect. Four of the biggest hybrid electric car manufacturers on the planet come up with a way to help new drivers by organising “Xenon” a once in a lifetime chance for these rookie drivers to get to grips with their new wheels with cars running on a combination of Xenon gas and electricity.

This however goes against the Federation meaning all of their internationally recognised racetracks cannot be used, meaning all the action takes place in some of the biggest most beautiful cities and locations in the world including Miami in the USA, Shanghai in China and Lake Louise in Canada! All of these locations are displayed in the trailer linked in this article.

SOEDESCO have over 40 games Under their belt since opening in 2002 making them a seasoned veteran of video game development, with titles released on all major consoles and PC, 3DClouds have not long release their debut title “All Star Fruit Racingon PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Switch, Xenon Racer will be their second title.

This is one to watch out for as it’s action packed fast paced futuristic style of racing may tick boxes for many, making Xenon Racer another of this years exciting releases.

Visit the Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/899390/rda

Xenon Racer Website: https://www.xenonracer.com/

Watch the trailer:

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